Domestic Public Policy

Catalyzing a New Special Study of the Securities Markets

Grant Year: 2016

Merritt Fox, Lawrence Glosten, and Edward Greene will lead an effort to explore how changes in financial markets and technology are shaping U.S. securities markets and consider whether the policy community should broadly rethink how the United States regulates these markets. They will empanel a working group of experts in law and financial economics and commission a series of papers to assess how securities markets are functioning in three broad areas: trading markets, primary markets for raising capital, and intermediaries between investors and capital markets. The project’s findings will appear in a series of papers as well as a final report. The project seeks to serve as an impetus for a new effort by the Securities and Exchange Commission to rethink security market regulation, along the lines of the Special Study undertaken in 1963 that set many of the parameters for today’s regulatory structure.

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